About Irwin Lowi

My wife and I have 7 wonderful children who have provided us with G-d's blessing , many ( we don't  count) grandchildren. It is true- it is surprising that those annoying children of mine produced amazing grandkids for us!  We spend our free time helping take care of our parents, grandkids, and when they listen even our own children. I spend two weeks a year in “renewal” out of the country spending most of the day in contemplation of making a better me. So far no one has complained!

As an OSJ, it is also my responsibility to supervise other registered representatives. These 15 associates, men and women from diverse backgrounds and locations, operating independently throughout the state of California, also provide a window on other issues that may not have come up in my personal practice, as well as exposure to vendors that may provide a new approach that can help others. We view them as true partners in building and sustaining financial well being for a cross section of clients, from saving accounts for college, to sophisticated trusts for generation skipping assets. Should you read this and be out of the Los Angeles area, we would be happy to direct you to one of our independent advisors.