About ABP Financial Services

ABP Financial Services specifically deals with the investment side of our business. We handles stock and bonds, annuities, and alternative investments. Just as we don't segregate our insurance clients by their needs, so too we try to accommodate all investors.  We are compensated either by commission or fee, in most cases at the client's discretion.  We feel very comfortable and confident in the following areas:

Mutual Fund Portfolios

REIT investments

Unit Investment Trusts

We will handle stock portfolios , but do have account minimums, regardless of whether a fee or commission basis.

So, which is better for you, fee or commission? This is a question we often hear. The answer is centered on your desire to either pay for a specfic service and be done, or pay an ongoing fee that is usually a smaller upfront amount, that can be stopped if you no longer feel the service being provided is needed. You are not locked into a fee structure so it can be changed or stopped on a quarterly basis.

Other services we provide are ;

Portfolio reviews- you have had an existing portfolio for 5 years. What  does it really do? Is it more volatile than you realize? Are the results in keeping with the risk? We provide this as a one time free service upon request.

Retirement Preview: Can I really afford to retire? Will the money I have now really last till I die? We find our calculator can help quanitify the probability of a yes to these questions. You see how much of your future income will be guaranteed, and what to do if that number isn't your "sleep number".